No matter what sport you’re a fan of, if any, I bet you can recall a few chokes.

From a team or a player who should’ve easily won something but the big occasional got to them.

As a long suffering Parramatta fan, the 2001 grand final immediately comes to mind. 

The best team by a long shot all year, very short priced favourite in the grand final and get absolutely blown off the park in the first half when they were like a deer in headlights and lose the unloseable game.

These chokes are a mental thing when the occasion gets the better of the athlete.

And that’s why a lot of them use a sports psych to get on top of their emotions and their thoughts.

The way a lot of them do that is through breathing techniques.

Slowing your breathing down and getting that under control.

Kinda like what I mentioned last year with the breathing and getting back to sleep relaxation thing.

My experience with that since then is hit and miss. Sometimes it works, other times the mind takes control.

But with this breathing thing, this article mentions how implementing slow breathing can help you get on top of stressful situations.

Something that may be worth working on this year if you feel you need a bit of extra stress management help.

The recommendation was for aiming for 6 breaths a minute for 10 minutes a day. So obviously slowing your breathing right down and concentrating on that and not on whatever your stress cause is.

You can find an app to walk you through it or just close your eyes and concentrate on breathing for as long as you can for as slow as you can to get yourself towards that 6 breaths a minute goal mentioned above.

Just something for you to keep in mind anyways.


PS – and of course another great stress reliever is exercise. Click the link below and fill in a couple of questions that will let me know how i can help you get things happening this year.

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