You’d had to have come down in the last shower to not realise there are a hundred ways to drop those stubborn kilos that you can’t seem to shift.

Bet you’ve tried a few too?


But what about the jungle diet?

Tried that one?

Unless you’re a D grade ‘celebrity’ you probably wouldn’t have tried this one.

But it seems to be a thing.

By the way, I use the word celebrity loosely,

cause if you’ve seen who’s on that I’m A Celebrity show you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m not admitting to a guilty viewing pleasure here,

I’ve only seen 5 minutes here and there of it.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say but it’s true!

The whole reason for this email is I saw an email at the start of the week on how

Casey Donovan has lost 17kg since being on this show – which has been 6 weeks and counting.

The other ‘celebs’ have lost anywhere between 4-14kg too.

Obviously, those with more to lose have lost the most.

But everyone has lost something.

So you could try that avenue.

A stint in the jungle.

Not exactly an attractive option.

Unless you’re having one of those days where the kids are driving you nuts…

So what did they eat?

The celebrities have been living off daily rations of 45 grams of beans,
25 grams of oats, 50 grams of rice, 200 grams of vegetables and two tablespoons of oil.

So not a lot of food right.

All that leads me to the fact that there is an easier way to lose that stubborn tummy or to trim those thighs that stubbornly won’t let you slide your favourite pair of jeans up over them,

as if they were holding out for a ransom.

The DPM way of course.

You don’t have to go on some calorie restricted ‘jungle diet’.

You don’t have to be deprived of your favourite foods.

Yes you can eat bread or drink wine and eat pasta if you so wish.

We plan it in.

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