After a good run of something like 12 days or whatever it was with no COVID cases in NSW, 

last week it became evident that we may have been jumping the gun if we thought that we might be on the back end of this bloody virus.

I guess it just goes to show that the thing will be around here and there for a little while to come.

Side note though, if I was wearing a tinfoil hat one might suggest that a certain man in the states faked his positive case for a bit of publicity to deflect from everything else that’s going on and change the narrative.

Anyways, I’ll just throw that grenade and walk away…

But back to my point, in jumping the gun.

It reminds me of what can happen when it comes to our fitness journey.

Let’s say you’ve been working your butt of in working towards an end goal of some description for a while and you’ve been seeing some pretty cool results.

You’re getting close to your final goal.

So subconsciously your brain tells you that it’s okay to ease up a little bit.

Whether that be a session here or there that gets missed.

Maybe a sleep in or two.

Maybe your food relaxes or you enjoy some more drinks during the week again.

Whatever it is it is human nature.

I find this all the time with me, and people that I work with.

It’s the way it is.

You want to reward yourself.

Let the pedal off the metal so to speak.

So take today as a reminder of that – be aware of that if you find yourself in that situation right now.

And be ready to pull the reigns back in training and lifestyle wise if you notice that start to creep in with you and your routine.

Just like the fact that our social restrictions and the like will be around for a little longer than we’d like we can’t totally relax on that front either.


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