Just a reminder that we’re going to be doing our first DPM kids workout tomorrow morning.

I figure it’s another thing to add to our zoom workout calendar and a way to get a nice little family workout in.

Plus if it helps you fill in 30 minutes on a weekend when the kids would have been out playing sport or doing whatever on a Saturday morning back in the good old days, I figure it can only be a good thing right?

So join us 9:15-9:45am tomorrow – bring your kids.

And if you know someone who wants in that isn’t part of DPM, I’m happy for them to join us too.

It’s not going to be a traditional structured workout like  we normally do.

I plan on getting a bit of kid interaction – with them suggesting an exercise we can all do or whatever, so lets give it a run for a couple of weeks.

If it’s a dud, oh well, at least we tried something different.

If it’s a winner, well then it’s just another thing I can help do to give you an outlet right now – something that you’ll no doubt need after a long week.

So check it out.


PS – and if you haven’t checked out my new little side project – Small Business Dads podcast, I’d appreciate if you can take a listen – and if you enjoy it please leave a review on Apple. It’ll help give it a bump in the podcast store.

The latest episode is dropping this morning too.

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