And here’s the instant karma arriving.

You see, today was D-day.

When the incompetent footy team I’ve followed my whole life

were handed down their punishments for blatant rorting of the salary cap for the last 4 seasons.

And all they got to show for it was 2 wooden spoons.

Only someone as incompetent as them could cheat so much and still come last!

Now you may not give 2 hoots about it.

Or you, like me, may be a long suffering fan sick of the rot.

As a side note, I’ve said this for years –

you know you were a prick in a past life to end up a Parra fan in this life.

It rings true now more than ever.

And while some people are losing their shit thinking the sky is falling,

I realise that it’s only a game of footy and the sun will still rise tomorrow.

And besides, if it rids us of these fools forever it’ll be a good thing.

It’s still disappointing though,

that you can actually have people as incompetent as the gooses running Parra at the helm of a multi million dollar business.

But such is life.

Anyways, there is a link between Parra receiving their dose of instant karma after all the years of rorts

and what you may be going through in your mission to lose those last few kgs.

You see, it’s easy to do what the Parra board have tried to do,

Lie to yourself (and everyone else) and pretend that everything is okay.

Stick your head in the sand at the ‘rules’ and say “I know better”.

That all the allegations are just ‘people with agendas out to get us’

You can believe that all you like.

You can pretend that you’re following your food plan as you should be.

Despite those little things that creep in here and there from time to time.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t lie.

And they aren’t in charge of one of the biggest clubs in the league.

That’s what stares back at you in the mirror each day.

Or the numbers that stare back at you on the scales if you are that way inclined to weigh yourself.

You see what I mean?

We can pretend that everything is okay.

When really we need a reality check.

The karma to be delivered,

which in our case is usually the extra couple of kgs that stack on.

I know for me it definitely is.

What about you?

So, once you’re clear on that,

just like John Lennon sung,

we can ‘all shine on’ and get back on track to losing those stubborn kgs at last.


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