Time to shake things up a bit.

For some it will be a reality check.

For others it will be confirmation.

What will it be for you?

What am I talking about?

Got a simple challenge I want you to do today.

Or book in the time to do it another day this week.

1) Re-do your measurements and photos – you know the drill by now – front, side and rear.

We can either do the measurements before a session (book in with me so we can hook this up) or just do it at home with a tape measure and some simple sites:

* your belly button

* your hips

* the mid point of your thigh

Why should you bother?

Well simple.

Like I said,

it’ll either be a wake up call or confirmation.

If you haven’t been doing much lately, it will give you the wake up call if things aren’t heading in the right direction you want them to be going.

It’ll also act as a break.

Cause you can pull that hand break and shake things up if things are heading that way.

Before it gets way out of control.

And for others who have been going well.

Or at least doing something,

It’ll add as re-confirmation that you’re on the right path.

You might even surprise yourself.

With the photo thing this is something you can just do in the mirror – do a selfie of each of the shots.

If you have past photos of this go back and compare them.

How do they compare?

If things are on track for you, you’ll be able to really see a good difference.

A pretty good boost for the old ego right?

Basically, I want you to see how far you’ve come!

Even if you exactly haven’t been going at it 100% lately.

And if you need to shake things up a bit,

and get a kick start to get your body moving again,

I’ve got a couple of personal training time slots available again for you:

– Wednesday and Friday morning 7:15am-7:45am

– Wednesday and Friday 12:00pm-12:30pm

Location is at either Dawes Point or Observatory Hill near The Rocks.



First in best dressed.

You can either do both sessions in the time slot or even once a week if you need a tune up to complement the rest of your training.


PS – location doesn’t suit? Hit reply and let me know where you’re at and I’ll see if we can fit something in around my diary


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