It’s no secret that the topic of our immune system is a pretty hot one right now.

But I’m not going to go down the obvious path for this today, more so share something I read the other week.

And to quote the great Ron Burgundy, “it’s science”.

According to a finding in the Journal Sport and Health Science, researchers have found that exercise is the best type of immunity that we can have.

(Now once again, remember I’m not talking about covid or vaccinations, more so overall immunity in general – let’s call it life immunity).

Regular exercise training has an overall anti-inflammatory influence mediated through multiple pathways.

Epidemiologic studies consistently show decreased levels of inflammatory biomarkers in adults with higher levels of physical activity and fitness.

So basically in other words – get off your backside today and do something active.

The more active we are the better we’re going to be able to fight off anything that comes our way.

That should be obvious.

With that in mind, and with that friendly reminder, what are you going to plan in for today and for this week?

We’re getting closer to being able to get out more, so hopefully you’re making an added commitment to do something extra in readiness for that.

Cause let’s be honest, even if we’re all double jabbed, you’re going to be coming in contact with a lot more people than we otherwise have been and you’re going to need your immunity levels primed.

I can help you with that.

Let’s have a chat and see what we can arrange to get this happening for you. Via zoom for now, but in the not to distant future, hopefully in person too.

Have a great week.


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