When it comes to the past transformation contest things that I’ve run it’s normally been with a weight loss focus.

That’s all well and good for those who want that as a focus.

But I know it’s not always a main priority for people.

In fact it’s the last thing some people need.

So with that in mind this is who may benefit from the current Click Frenzy promo that I’m running (that ends tonight by the way) even if you may initially have though “it’s not for me”.

If you missed it earlier in the week, I’m doing something I’ve never done before – giving away access to the full 6 months online coaching and follow along video workouts that come with my book, plus a bunch of other bonuses for only $99 – that’s an 80% discount.

So even if you’re not looking for weight loss, this is why you should join us anyways:

This is for someone who wants to get some more accountability when it comes to exercise without having to commit to any more in person sessions.

This is for someone who doesn’t have hours each week (you can get the best results from only 3 x 20 minute workouts each week – although as I always say, anything is better than nothing).

This is for someone who wants to feel more energised, someone who is sick and tired of that running on empty feeling.

This is for someone who wants to be an example for their kids. To show them that mum or dad isn’t over the hill and throwing in the towel just yet.

This is for someone who wants to be  surrounded by a community of like minded people who are looking for a positive resource to achieve and grow together.

As a result, we will start Month 1 together on Monday November 18 and follow this for the Facebook and What’s App groups, although you can join in later and work at your own pace. 

This is just so we can get Month 1 done before Christmas takes over and we can pick up with months 2-6 in 2020 – so that covers your bases for the new year too!

Come join us, you won’t regret your decision.




PS – like I said, this comes off the table at midnight tonight so don’t stuff around if you want in.

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