What do you think of when the word boot camp comes to mind?

Some bloke prancing around in camo pants with a whistle in mouth yelling ‘do another push up you maggot!’

Or maybe having to crawl through the mud?

Or maybe it’s wearing the same tshirt as every other ‘recruit’?

Or maybe having to listen to some Godawful doof-doof music that’s too loud?

Possibly even having to do ‘penalty burpees’ cause you’re late or not wearing the right uniform?

These aren’t exaggerations.

More a representation of what’s out there

– and the perception that all of these boot camps must be the same.

I can assure you that DPM definitely isn’t any of those.

There’s no yelling.

Or whistle.

The only thing you’ll find is people who are in the same situation as you plugging away

– and actually having a joke around or two.

Cause we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

And I’m just as likely to be the brunt of the joke as anyone else is.

Who’d have thought that at a ‘boot camp’?

I also save the camo shorts for when I’m at the cafe on a weekend.

Plus, you’ll find that I’m just like you in not wanting to get wet in the rain so we train under cover.

After all you have no idea how long it takes for my flowing locks to dry when they get wet…

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the word boot camp for those reasons.

That’s why these days I like to call what I offer at DPM – small group sessions.

Cause that’s what it is.

Also to take away the intimidation and the assumption that it’s like the others out there.

Because that is definitely not reality.

The amount of people who actually say after their first session that it wasn’t as bad as they expected is cool.

Because the whole point isn’t to intimidate you, break you or to prove how tough I am.

The whole point is for you to be able to do more each time you come.

Starting small if you haven’t done anything lately and building from that.

Or if you’re recovering from an injury.

Not competing with the person next to you.

Because everyone has their own story and their own list of injuries. 

Trust me, I do too.

So, the take home point is so long as you are improving,

you are in front of the person who is still sitting at home making excuses about why they can’t do something.

Don’t be nervous before you join us for the first time.

Be excited.

Because change is good.

And so is that feeling you get when the jeans start getting looser and you can finally wear that favourite dress or pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in who knows how long. 

Change is coming.

Are you along for the ride?


PS – need a bit of extra accountability to help you get back on track? Or need something from the normal ‘bootcamp’ stereotype?

Time to get started now and get some runs on the board before we break for Christmas, and before I start the waiting list for 2018.

Hit reply now and let me know whether you’re interested in the small group sessions or some 1-on-1 PT. We can get a good solid month in before Christmas – providing you start now!


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