Remember that old classic line from George Costanza in Seinfeld?

Well today it might come back to help you.

And it involves around the good old Aussie tradition of chucking a sickie.

I remember years ago back when I was working in a gym, I’d taken a day off to go and watch Steve Waughs last day as a test cricketer.

The cameraman worked his way around and as we were sitting near the fence asked if he could do a crowd shot of us – and my response was “ahh no mate I’m having a sickie”.

He said straight back you’d be surprised how many times I’ve heard that today.

Anyways, that was a roundabout way to get to the point that it’s more acceptable to have a mental health day these days rather than having to come up with a sickie.

And it seems that more companies are coming up with policies around this.

Have you noticed that with your work?

I know I haven’t taken a sickie as such, but more so when I’ve needed to be off for something important with the kids or whatever, have just arranged to swap with a client for another session.

It works both ways, cause I’ve done the same for them too.

Some companies, according to this article, have even implemented ‘doona days’ where people can do whatever they want and take a Friday off without explanation.

Good idea.

If it helps keep people from burning out, especially with what we’ve all gone through the last 18 months, then it can only be a good thing to increase employee retention, loyalty and buy in wouldn’t you think?

Failing that, if your company has yet to move with the times, you might still have to pull off the old George Costanza line yet.

Cause remember, if you believe you’re sick, it’s not a lie!


PS – and for old times sake, here’s that extended scene if you need a walk down memory lane

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