If you’re one of those people who can’t cop the heat,

where you barely venture outside in the summer months unless it’s absolutely necessary,

and you always count down the days till the weather drops and the conditions get more bearable for you,

then congratulations – your time is here!

Me, I’m on team summer.

But each to their own.

If you are the type that loves the colder weather,

you probably get put off with the thought of exercising during summer and even spring, early autumn too considering the warmer weather that we had even going into April.

Cause even just walking outside some days can leave you breaking out in an uncontrollable sweat.

Sound familiar for you?

Then now is the right time to move.

And it’s also the right time for me to break a common misconception about training outdoors like we do when the weather does drop.

* Yes, it’s a little cold on some mornings.

I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

BUT here’s the deal.

You’re only cold for the first 5 mins or so.

Then your body warms up.

You end up losing a layer or two of clothes.

You can even break out in a sweat.

* Yes, the hardest part is getting out of bed on some mornings – from under those nice warm quilt and winter sheets

BUT, the best tip I can give you,

and something that I do each and every single day even in summer when that alarm goes off at what may seem like an ungodly hour

– is to get up straight away before your body works out what you’re doing.

Then it’s too late to go back.

Have your clothes all ready the night before so you’re not stuffing around in the dark and pissing off your partner

(you can thank me for that one later…)

See, it really isn’t that bad getting up early and joining us for the small group sessions that we run as part of Team DPM.

Besides, the best part is you’re home, or at your desk early enough,

so that no matter what comes up during your day that would usually conspire against a workout later in the day for you,

it doesn’t matter cause you’re already done.

Crossed another one off the list.

Make sense?

Well, this is where you’ll find us:

* Lilyfield – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 5:40-6:40am

* Observatory Hill – Tuesday and Thursday 7:15-7:45am

* Observatory Hill – Saturday 8-9am

Interested? Let me know and I’ll shout you 2 weeks on the house to check it out – same goes if you have a friend who may be keen too.


PS – or if you’re looking for something a bit more individual, hit reply and I’ll let you know what’s available for one-on-one personal training

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