It’s getting to be an exciting time of year wouldn’t you agree?

The sun is slowly coming up earlier.

I definitely noticed it improve over the last week.

And on the other side of the day the sun is slowly going down that little bit later.

I’m excited to not have to bbq in the dark with just a flood light to make sure the food isn’t raw.

The days are pretty nice too.

Just last Thursday it was in the early 20’s.

Pretty awesome for a winters day.

As the Jackson 5 once sang, Can You Feel It?

The tide is definitely turning.

The cool thing about spring being just around the corner is all the work that you’ve put in over the last couple of months is going to be worth it.

It’s obviously more noticeable when you’re wearing less layers and you can see all the changes you’ve made.

And that’s not just talking about weight loss either.

I mean your arms might be more toned. 

Which you’ll be able to show off in a short sleeve shirt.

You might feel more confident being able to fit into something that you haven’t been able to for a while cause your measurements might have changed – even if the scales haven’t.

Even if you haven’t been working as hard as you’d intended over the last couple of months, you’ll no doubt see a change to your mood.

Psychologically, it’s always easier to get moving and up earlier when it’s lighter, and warmer.

So that has a flow on effect cause you’ll be feeling better and more energised after your workout and that will flow on to the rest of your day.
It all starts looking up.

Maybe you might read this as a reminder to keep turning up over the next few weeks so you can see the differences for yourself – both with the earlier sunrise and the flow on effects from actually finishing the workout.

Or maybe you might read this and use it as the incentive to get someone else along with you to enjoy the benefits too.

That’s where I can give you a reward too (remember the $200 free dinner gift voucher incentive).

That applies to any of our small group sessions at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill and also covers the one on one personal training that I offer too.

I do have a space available for that if you’re interested or know someone who might be.

And if you do know someone, please send this link there way (and make sure they drop your name).

Here’s to earlier sunrises and the warmer weather.


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