Something a bit more light-hearted today after a couple of more serious topics over the last week.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel that I’m a pretty lazy person.

Sure, I enjoy working out and getting some exercise in.

It keeps me from stacking on a bunch of weight that I would otherwise find easy to do.

And it gives my brain an outlet to make me feel good about myself.

That’s just to name two benefits.

But there’s not many things I enjoy more than sitting down and watching sport on tv.

Or getting into a series on Stan.

Not that I get the chance to binge watch these days like I could in the before kids days.

But it is what it is.

I know that on the rare occasion that I get a full day leave pass when Bron and the girls are out, the lounge and either sport or a couple of episodes of whatever i’m watching is my dream day.

So am I lazy?

Well, kinda.

But it could be all evolutions fault.

Not that I’m trying to pass the buck.

But if you think back to the old caveman days, you weren’t on the go all the day.

I image that sometimes you’d have to work your butt off not to be eaten by something,

and other times you’d be working your butt off to catch something to eat.

You’d imagine there would have been plenty of down time either side of those stretches though.

So is this preference of mine a subtle way of the body resting and preparing for when I have to get up into action the next day?

Just like our long lost ancestors?

It’s an interesting thought don’t you think?

Obviously, the important thing is to make sure there is some balance.

So we don’t turn into a total couch potato who doesn’t want to do anything else apart from that.

But that’s just stating the obvious.

I reckon it just makes you appreciate those times more when you actually get to sit down and enjoy it cause’s not the norm.