Sometimes you need to have something that should be obvious pointed out to you.

And yesterday was one of those days for me.

One of the DPMers mentioned that I should use the word ‘outdoors’ or outdoor exercise as part of the DPM brand.

I guess when you’re on the inside, sometimes you need an outside perspective that makes the comment that should be so obvious in hindsight.

It makes sense when you think of it.

For two reasons.

The first one being that we’re all stuck to the computer for far too long that we need a bit of vitamin d and outside time to not only get some much needed fresh air, but some exercise in of course.

And the second one in the current times, whenever there seems to be the latest outbreak cause some goose in quarantine doesn’t do their job properly, there seems to be a bunch of gyms that get dealt with the short straw and caught up in the mess.

So that makes another good reason to train outside.

We’re more spaced out and you don’t share equipment for the most part.

As a result, welcome to DPM Outdoor Exercise 2021!

You’ll already notice no doubt that I dropped using the word bootcamp a long time ago.

Cause we’re not a bootcamp.

What we do isn’t suited for everyone.

But if you’re over 40 and have a few niggles in your past, or maybe haven’t done anything in a while, then it might be for you.

And just ask anyone whose been to a DPM session, that doesn’t exactly make it a charity workout where you just go through the motions.

They normally hit the spot and are effective without having to get into ‘beast mode’ or smashed just so I can prove how tough I am.

So thank you Andrew for the two cents, it’s definitely something that makes sense and I’ll be sitting down today to work out how i can implement that more into what I do at DPM this year and moving forward.

If anyone has any other suggestions you’d like to see implemented, as you can see, I’m not too stubborn to listen to ideas that can make everyone else’s experience better – or maybe be more appealing to those looking to join.



PS – and if you know someone who’d like to benefit from our outdoor exercise please send them this link and I’ll shout em their first 2 weeks on the house

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