Nearly at the finish line for the year and it’s a nice feeling to know that we finally made it!

The last DPM session for the year is tomorrow morning at Observatory Hill so come along and join us for some pre Christmas action.

And we’re back in action on Monday January 6 for the Lilyfield group.

Please let me know when you’re back on deck too if you haven’t already, so I know what sort of numbers I’m looking at for that first week especially.

Thanks for another year of your support and as we head into a new decade next year hopefully DPM can only get bigger and better.

And I need your help to help make that happen. Cause obviously without that, I can’t survive.

So this Christmas break I’d appreciate if you can encourage your family or friends who you catch up with to come and join us.

Don’t forget that you get a nice little thank you reward for that too.

Your next month is on the house (and if you’re currently not training with DPM I’ll send you a $100 Visa Gift Card).

Then you and your friend will both get a $200 free dinner gift voucher to any restaurant of your choice after they’ve been with DPM for only 6 short months as my thank you to you both.

So don’t forget to mention that to them as well. I’ll drop some emails every couple of days over the next 2 weeks (I’ve scheduled in a couple) cause I figure you have more downtime to actually read them at that time of year.

Lastly, have a great Christmas break, enjoy some down time and some good food and drink and most importantly, some quality family time.


PS – Monday will be the last day if you want to get your book order in so I can get it off to the post office on Christmas Eve.

Remember until then all my profits are going to the Bushfire Appeal so help us out and you’ll get it before New Years to help you through some post Christmas action.


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