We’re on!

That lunch group I’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks is a go ahead.

I’ll be individually emailing anyone who responded and is on the waiting list today and tomorrow to lock things in.

But if you didn’t reply, and are still interested we’re going to go ahead.

There’s just shy of the 7 people I was looking for

(we’re currently sitting at 5)

However, I’m backing that come January we’ll have the extra numbers so lets go ahead with it.


WHEN: Starts Wednesday January 11

TIME: 1:15-1:45pm

WHERE: Dawes Point (under the Harbour Bridge)

Sorry for those who voted for Observatory Hill but there wasn’t enough numbers to sustain that.

INVESTMENT: Early bird option (locked in before December 31 only – $85/mth

After that – $99/mth

Now there’s something that you need to do if you are interested in it.

And this something will guarantee your spot,

BUT you gotta act quick.

You see, I’m going to hook you up with an early bird discount if you join today.

Well to be honest, if you join before December 31.

You will be locked in for the early bird investment of only $85/mth for as long as you’re a part of the group.

If you leave and want to rejoin, you’ll be up for full freight.

And if you join in January, you’ll be up for the regular investment of $99/mth.

Make sense?

Go to the link below right now to lock in your early bird investment of only $85/mth.

You will be billed $45 NOW to confirm your spot, and then when we start in 3 weeks you’ll be charged remaining $40. That covers your first months investment.

So come February, your regular investment will be only $85/mth

Come on board here

And should you miss the early bird deadline of New Years Eve?

The investment will be $99/mth.

Come join us!


PS – that link to get on board the early bird payment is here


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