Have you heard the latest ‘fad’ these days when it comes to dieting?

It, like a lot of things, sounds great in theory,

but in the execution there’s something really big missing.

Well, a few things to be honest. But today let’s just deal with the one.

It’s all about counting your ‘macros’,

or in you and me speak – counting every bit of protein, carbs and fats etc that you eat.

The macronutrients.

The thinking is you can eat whatever you want,

so long as it all adds up to a certain amount of calories that you’ve predetermined is your optimal

calorie intake to lose weight.

So yes, you can eat pizza every day if you like.

Or ice cream.

Or whatever suits your sweet tooth.

I guess even alcohol fits their rules.

And you can still lose weight.

What’s the catch right?

Sign me up.

Seems too good to be true? 

Well my 2 cents is it is.

Sure, it’s a pretty sweet marketing spin though isn’t it

– you can still eat shit every single day and lose weight.

As far as I can see there’s some pretty simple things missing from this whole macros theory.

Yes, it sounds great.

Yes it works.

In fact it can work pretty damn good.

I will never dispute that.

But the key is it works for now.

Let’s put a common sense hat on for a minute.

Let’s take out all the ‘flashy fancy marketing of eating pizza to lose weight’ whizz bang flashy

Really, can you – or should you – be eating that type of stuff each and every day even if you can lose weight?

To me it’s a short term fix.

Just like the lemon detox diet. 

Yes it may work but so does the biggest loser right?

How are most of them going now?

Yep. Exactly why you don’t see a reunion show.

But the big thing for me is this:

what’s the long term prognosis of that on your health?

Surely not great.

It can’t be good for your insides and longtime longevity.

I mean to eat all those types of processed crap day in and day out.

Don’t get me wrong.

There’s nothing more that I’d love than to eat a pizza every day.

Wash it down with a few drinks. That’s me to a tee.

But I want to be healthy when I get old.

Well I’ll start by saying I want to get old.

Having your old man drop dead at 53 will do that to you

– look at the bigger picture here

– especially the older I get and especially now I have someone else to look after.

And want to see grow up.

And the other big issue I have is the obsessing over the calorie thing.

There’s got to be a hit and miss thing with numbers there right?
How are you to say the macros of this piece of XYZ is the same as that piece of XYZ.

Plenty of grey there for mine.

Not saying of course that we all need to eat rabbit food and mung beans

and sing kumbayah by the fire each night.

Of course we’re going to have a bit of this and bit of that.

They’re the highlight of my week.

However they’re cheats.

Not an everyday thing.

Maybe I’m just a bit suspicious,

but I don’t think eating all these calorie loaded trans fat containing foods (and the rest of the stuff

that ain’t good) all the time is a way to long term success.

At the end of the day really, when it comes down to it there’s only been one thing that stands the test
of time.

Yep, just like that tupperware container thats still kicking around from the 80’s 

(truth be told I still use my old lunchbox that my mum got me for my first day at Kindergarten back in ’83) 

there is only one thing that will stand the ‘tupperware test of time’.

No matter how you dress it up.

Clean eating wins hands down.
Just like the DPMers who get the 3 Day Detox Diet find out.​​​​​​​

Eat real food, meat and veggies, bit of fruit and nuts and seeds and eating real fat.

Not 99% fat and sugar free crap because it only has 1 calorie.

Make that the game plan 90% of your time and the 10% of cheats can be whatever you want.

Guilt free.

NOTE: the only reason i call it a ‘detox diet’ is cause you’re “detoxing” from processed carbs for those days.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t think this thing has the legs to sustain long term.

What says you?


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