A lot can happen in a year.

Obviously so after what the last 12 months has shown up.

But there was something I read the other night online that made me think.

A year ago this was our last normal week and nobody knew it.

Or words to that effect.

Kinda amazing to look back and think about that.

I guess it was in the works, obviously things were starting to happen around the world, even here.

But no one could have ever predicted the whole world would pretty much stop almost instantly.

Anyways, no point going down that road again.

The point of this is to point out that things can change quickly.

And we have to adapt.

Which we did.

So today I bring that back to your workout and your health.

Same deal – what have you had to do adapt to get where you are today?

Was it the time of day you train?

Was it the frequency?

Or what you had to stop doing to start doing something else?

There was some type of adaption made.

Maybe you might even be at that fork in the road now?

Maybe something needs to change to stop things from going down the path they’re heading?

Only you can answer that

But if that answer happens to align with that statement, I’m here to help.

Whether that be via the CBD morning sessions at Observatory Hill now that more people are getting back to the office, or maybe it’s some lunch time action to break up your day?

Or maybe a bit of zoom personal training from the comfort of your home might work?

Whatever the need I’m here to help like I mentioned.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, hit reply and we can set up a time to have a chat.


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