I was asked last week if I planned to do another transformation contest of sorts before the year was out.

My answer was kinda.

There isn’t an offical one.

BUT there’s something better.

That Click Frenzy promotion that launched on Tuesday is the best offer you’ll ever get to be part of one.

It’s $99, so depending on what I’ve run in the past is either the same price as a 4 week one, or half the price of the 8 week one.And you’re getting another 5 months on top of that to cover next year for you so once you come back from the Christmas break you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Want in?


To clarify:

We start month 1 on Monday- November 18. That’ll cover the next 4 weeks and finishes up on Sunday December 15.

That gives you a week and a bit grace before Christmas Day.

Plus we won’t be officially starting Month 2 together until January. Start date TBC but won’t be before Monday Jan 6.

What about the gap period? Of course you can still do Month 1 during that time, but we won’t be progressing as a team until January for Month 2 and so on.

There’s also a few other bonuses that are worth you checking out that will help compliment your journey.

And like I said, it’s only open until midnight tomorrow so you don’t have time to stuff around.

The best part of this?

The 6 months access to the DPM Trainerize App where you can just push play and follow along as I do the workout with you in real time.

The other best part?

Each of these workouts only take 20 minutes maximum and that includes warm up and cool down time – it’s all timer based so it’s designed to be short ‘n sweet – that’s why I called the book that.

Oh yeah, you’ll also get sent a hard copy of my book if you don’t have that yet – that’s the workouts we’re following.

And if you do, you can have two or better still, pass it onto someone else who may get some use out of the content.

Got questions?

Just hit reply and ask away.

I want to see you on it.

As an added incentive, if we get at least 20 people involved I’ll add in some prizes for the best progress stories for the next 4 weeks.

So tell your friends!

Click the link here and invest your $99 and I’ll be in touch.



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