How’s your motivation cup looking right now?

Reason I ask is cause of this article I saw last week that mentioned some ways to escape out of that trough if you’re motivation cup was running low.

Now, to put this in proper context, it was a UK article and they’re in enough of a hole of their own right now with COVID.

But I still figure it can still be relevant if you’re in a position right now that isn’t exactly at your optimum.

Their ideas?

The best one I thought was to focus on the small wins that you have.

Be that in your day or your week.

Focus on the little things that went right, rather than the things that didn’t.

Funny thing is that’s along the lines of what I normally say here.

Little things done repeatedly can add up to bigger things in a longer time frame.

Rather than trying to change everything at once, start on one thing.

Keep working away at that.

And hopefully, just like you get when it comes to results with your training, then your motivation cup will start to fill up again too.

The other thing they suggested was making tiny changes to your routine.

Which kinda falls into the first thing anyway of focusing on the little things.

This is just a little change to what you’ve been doing.

Once again, done repeatedly, can have some good results.

Make sense?

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