Can you be too healthy?

What do you reckon?

Most of us know someone who obsesses over every single calorie

and every single workout and goes into withdrawal if they’re not on point.


is it a good thing?

Did you even know there’s now a name for it?

Orthorexia Nervosa.

“When someone has orthorexia, eating pure, healthy foods has become more than just an attempt to increase the nutritional aspects of their diet – it has taken dominance over the person to the exclusion of other areas of their life,”

So says a psychologist in the article I came across yesterday.

And obviously it’s a pretty serious thing if this is the extreme that someone goes to.

I do get it, wanting to make sure you do something spot on.

Especially if you’re a highly driven person to start with.

The downside to this is obsessing over every single thing to the exclusion of everything else.

As in skipping certain events cause you know it will put you off track.

And as you can no doubt see there can be a fine line.

Wanting to do the right thing is cool.

But to the exclusion of everything else definitely isn’t what we’re on about.

The social media posting a photo of everything you eat is part of this phenomenon according to the experts.

That’s no surprise really cause social media is everyone’s highlight reel.

It isn’t real.

Just the best parts.

So we find ourselves comparing to that person.

When in all reality they’re just as much of a mess as we all are!

Cause sure everyone wants to lose a few kgs and feel better about themselves

and also fit back into their old favourite pair of jeans they can’t bring themselves to throw away.

The thing is it can’t come at the exclusion of everything, and everyone else.

Cause life isn’t just a highlight reel.

There’s ups and downs.

Times when you nail you’re food.

Times when you can slip.

But also times when you can have your planned cheats which is part of our DPM food plan.

So you don’t have to feel guilty about falling “off track”.

Cause it’s all planned in.

Especially at this time of year.

You don’t have to live like a nun to drop a few kgs.

You’ve just gotta be smart about it.

And not only will you start to drop those inches and fit into your old favourites that you can’t bring yourself to throw out from your wardrobe, 

you’ll also be doing it the right way – without having to become too obsessive and count every calorie.

You know what to do to get started.

Just hit reply and you can find more info if it’s something you’d be interested in.


PS – you can also go here and check out exactly what you get when you become a part of Team DPM (apart from the obvious things I just mentioned) 



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