Kinda off topic today, but hang in there with me cause I’m sure you’ll get where I’m heading in a minute.

There was a stat that I came across on Linked In the other day that surprised me. (By the way, send me a connect request if you’re on there)

It was in the daily run down section which I’ve started to get more into lately.

Anyways, the stat was that 44% of Australians think the news is too negative in their reporting.

To be honest, I’m surprised that it’s this low.

I would have thought that the majority of people would think that news is negative.

You rarely turn it on and see a feature story of someone doing something good.

It’s always about politicians screwing someone over (if not each other), or a terror attack somewhere in the world or how expensive living in the big cities are.

I could go on and on, but you’re not here to see me go down that route too.

And of course you don’t know if you can trust what you read these days cause there’s often a hidden agenda and bias behind a story depending on what organisation publishes it (on both sides of the fence).

Because controversy apparently sells.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is there is too much negativeness around us today.

Be it in the news.

At work.

Reality TV.

Pretty much everywhere you can turn you can always find the downside of something.

Same deal when it comes to fitness.

I’ve been guilty of it in the past no doubt, calling out this person or that form of exercise or whatever.

But these days, I try and have a more level minded view on things.

Each to their own.
Some things work for some people.

Other things work for others.

And so long as someone is doing something positive for their health, I’m not going to judge them.

Of course I’d rather someone do something with DPM and appreciate those that do make that choice.

But I know that it’s not the only option.

So with all that in mind, maybe it’s a good thing that only 44% of Aussies think the news is too negative.

Maybe they’re looking at it from a glass half full view.

That’s what I try and do here each day too. 

Give you a positive story or a bit of news that you can hopefully implement in your routine that will help you on your journey.

And occasionally when I go off on a rant about something it will always be with the best intentions in mind.

All in all though, even if there is enough negativeness around us, we have the power at the end of the day of what we decide to listen to (and who).

I know I don’t listen to or read as much news as I used to.

I got sick of falling down that cycle of negativeness and biased agendas.

We can always switch off and find something to better channel our energy into. 

My aim is to have this daily message as that place for you.

Have a good week.