What’s your take on stress?

How are your stress levels?

I’ve got to confess that I can be quicker to lose patience at home if I’m tired.
That’s on me.

But overall, how would you think your stress levels are?

And do you think whatever your level is can be contagious?

Or on the other hand, do you think your colleagues levels can be contagious to you?

Well, I didn’t think it to be true, but a report from the Harvard Business Review tends to believe it can be.

It cited a German study from 2014 that found observing another person in a stressful situation can be all it takes for our body to release the cortisol stress hormone.

Very interesting.

Now back to anecdotal evidence – what do you think about that thought when you look at your workplace?

Or home life?

Either way it’s an interesting thing for us to look at and at least be aware of.

And now we are aware of it, or the potential for it, I need to reinforce the importance of getting an outlet for that stress.

Exercise is obviously the best option.

Maybe they should put boxing rings in every office?!

Seriously though, we need an outlet.

Exercise is a better option that reaching for a drink. Although sometimes that’s pretty much all that can take the edge off – I get that.

But make sure you schedule in your workouts. 

This is just a friendly reminder that I know you’re busy, but don’t leave out this important part of your week.

Even if it’s a quick one.

Cause something is better than nothing.

And you’ll feel better for it.

It’ll break the cycle of whatever got you in that stressed state.

It’ll release some positive endorphin hormones in your body instead of producing more and more cortisol – which is the stress hormone.

Too much of that is a bad thing obviously.

And your sanity (and your body) will thank you for it.




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