This is something you should really take 4 minutes out of your day to watch.

Now I’m biased, but even if you’re not a basketball fan, you’ll get something out of this video.

So much so, it’ll make you think someone’s started peeling onions so if you’re the emotional type, don’t be surprised if this gets the waterworks happening.

Last week Budweiser released a tribute video for Dwyane Wade who played his last game in the NBA.

Now DWade is my favourite player, so like I said I’m biased, but he’s also a pretty good bloke by the sounds of it.

Did you happen to see it?

It’s already got over 2.5 million views as I write this.

If you don’t have the time to check it out, I’ll give you the cliff notes version.

The gist of this season for DWade has been a jersey exchange at the end of each game with a player from the opposition.

No big deal.

But this video gets 5 people in to tell him what he meant to them.

One of them was his mum, who he helped overcome her drug addiction and multiple times in jail.

Another was the sister of a young kid who was killed in that Parkland school shooting.

And a lady who he took on a shopping spree after her and her family had their house burn down just before Christmas one year.

There was also a bloke who was inspired to get out of his situation and upbringing and get a job.

They each gave him something that was meaningful to their story.

Anyways, I can’t do it justice.

Check it out.

It’s worth your time.

And makes you think about the good people like these athletes do most days, often without any publicity – despite what is often portrayed in the media.

Hope you enjoy it.


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