Straight from the files of ‘you’ve obviously got more free time than me’ comes this pearler.

Well, to be honest, it should come out of the files of the ‘you had nothing better to do with your time?’

But here goes.

I came across a story last week of a bloke in the UK who wanted to get from Newcastle to London.

Now I’m not up with my geography of that part of the world but i’m guessing it’s probably a fair few hours apart.

But old mate in the story wanted to save a few bucks cause he thought the train fare was too expensive.

He didn’t want to pay the £78.50 (I had to press a few keys to find that hidden button on my keyboard!) it would’ve cost for the train fare.

So he went via Spain.


He flew to some Spanish island, then onto Gatwick in London.

Just to save £40.

Had to deal with a 12 hour stopover in Spain which he passed with hiring a car and having a drive around, plus a cocktail at the beach.

Would you do it?

Hell no for me.

I’m sure the island is nice.

But I’d rather get to London quicker.

And pay the price.


Anyways, the point of this is to prove  that there is a shorter way to get where you want to go.

If you’re prepared to pay for it.

DPMers pay for exactly this.

Cause let’s be honest here, everyone knows what to do right?

But why bother stuffing around yourself and trying this and that, 

when there is an easy to follow blue print that gets you there quicker.

Without having to think.

You just turn up and follow the plan.

Same for the food plan. 

You just follow it.

And unlike old mate from Newcastle, you’re going to slide into those old skinny jeans again a hell of a lot quicker.

How bout it?

Interested in finding out what we can do for your body, despite whatever condition you’re dealing with now?

Next step starts here:



PS – Don’t believe my story? Check it here 


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