Had a question yesterday on whether I’d be running another 6 week challenge type of thing this year.

And I hadn’t really given it much thought.

But if people would find a final 6 week challenge valuable to finish off the year before the silly season kicks in then why not.

I’m more than happy to put another one out there.

Just spitballing without putting any further thought into it, it would have to start by late October so it would finish by early December – so before all the silly season stuff kicks in.

The approach would be the same as the last one I ran in Winter.

So not a weight loss focus as such, but if that’s your thing and what you need, then it will work for that too.

The main thing that we’d cover is the accountability side of things.

Like the app that you can cross off your workouts in for those who like that type of challenge of crossing something off and the satisfaction of seeing the numbers there build up.

I’d also provide the home workout to accompany your normal workouts – or give you something to stick to if that’s what’s missing in your routine now.

And any other things that you find would help we can add to that as well.

But if you’ve been a part of a similar challenge before, then it will be along those lines this time around as well.

There would of course be a small financial commitment behind it – like the $99 that the last one was.

That’s to help keep you accountable.

If you have to pay for something, chances are you’re more likely to follow through with it and stay the course.

With all that in mind, if you’re like one of the DPMers who mentioned it might be a good thing to finish the year off with and give you something to work towards, please hit reply and let me know.

If there’s interest, I’ll sit down and put something more concrete on paper and confirm some dates.

But for now I’m just throwing out the idea and call for interest based on feedback.

If it’s something you’re up for, let me know and we can make it happen.


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