So on Monday I mentioned how sometimes less is more.

When it comes to the amount of days you work out.

Now I’m going to address something that I get asked a lot.

Especially when someone is looking to find out more about what we do here at Team DPM.

That big question is whether 30 minutes is enough time to get a workout that will benefit your goal for training in the first place – getting back in your skinny jeans and losing that stubborn tummy flab that you can’t seem to shift no matter how hard you’ve tried before.

They are a bit unsure whether that time frame, especially when you take out a few minutes for warm up and stretching down at the end, is effective.

And I get that.

But, the short answer is


However, there is a big asterix besides that definitely.

By that I mean you have to be selecting the right exercises, and be training at the right intensity.

Case in point, how many times have you seen that gym bunny or skinny guy who walks around like he’s carrying a couple of invisible beer kegs under his arms in a gym setting just spend the majority of their one hour workout staring in the mirror?

Pretty much every single person, every single day.

Am I right?

And how many times have you seen that same person just focus on exercises that use only one muscle group at a time – like ab day and doing a thousand crunches.

Or the typical gym poser bloke who spends an hour doing arm curls and bench press.

To get them mirror muscles on point.

And I’ll let you in with a little secret.

Yes, I hate crunches and we haven’t done them for about 10 years I’d say in a DPM session.

So basically, our 30 minute sessions are plenty of time if you are using exercises that combine multiple muscles at once – ie squats and push ups just to name two – you are getting a bigger bang for your buck.

Secondly, when you minimise your downtime and use a format that is structured and planned out, rather than just a make it up as you go along approach, you can get more done in less time.

Besides, at the intensity that you train for these shorter 30 minute Fatblast groups is something that you cannot keep up for a full 60 minute workout.

True, I do have a couple of one hour groups still on the timetable, but they have more rest breaks and downtime included.

So, yes, these 30 minute sessions are effective – provided it is done the right way.

Why not try it out for yourself?

Come and see what the DPM Fatblast sessions are about.

That way you can test drive it yourself and see I’m not just making things up.

Does that sound fair enough?


PS- You can find out more and check out our timetable options here



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