Back in action for the year today and I’m not going to give you any of the “new year, new you” BS you’re bound to see everywhere else.

I like to be more original.

And keeping with that theme, I’m going to expand more on what I teased last month with the new reward draw thing.

And it’s a bit more exciting than the meat tray prize down at your local.

It follows on from something I read the other week on LinkedIn that was about ‘investing in the talent’.

Obviously this was aimed towards the work environment, but for me it makes sense for me to invest in the DPM talent.

As in you.

And starting from today this is how it’s going to work.

Every single session that you attend this year, be that in person, via zoom, or via the Trainerize check in app for the online DPMers will get you one entry.

At the end of every month every entry will be added to a list and run through the Randomiser website.

So if you attend 4 sessions, you get 4 entries.

If it’s 15 you get 15.

And so on.

The more you attend, the more entries you get.

For those who do 1-on-1 personal training – either via zoom or in person, you get 2 entries per session as your investment is obviously higher than a group session.

If my technological abilities allow, I’ll even record the draw (I think I know how to do that on my phone!) and share it with you to prove it’s all above board.

If I can’t work it out easily enough, I’ll google it, cause I know it can be done.

Obviously this month will be less competition as some aren’t back in action until later in the month, so strike while the iron is hot and get to as many sessions as you can!

Now to the prize.

What do you win each month?

Well I thought about some DPM gear, but to be honest, that’s okay, but meh in reality.

I want to get you training this year as often as possible.

So here’s the deal.

Each month I’ll be giving away a premium bottle of red from one of my favourite Hunter Valley vineyards.

Trust me, it’ll be worth the win.

I was originally thinking about a gift voucher or something like that, but then I decided why support big business – I’d rather put my money into a small business who got kicked in the ar$e last year (and the year before that for that matter).

So it’ll be worth the win.

Hopefully that gives you an incentive to get to training this month and the year ahead!

Now it comes to you.

Have you been out of the game for a while and keen to get back in this year?

Maybe it’s not you, but surely there’s someone who you know in your circle who’s feeling exactly like that?

Let me help.

There’s a couple of questions in this link that’ll help us get a bit clearer on what you want, alternatively just hit reply and we can hook up a time to have a quick chat.


PS – if that comment about personal training sessions counting as double entry got your interest, I’ve got some very limited availabilities.

Just fill out the link below and I’ll let you know what’s available.

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