Last week there was a pretty important release from the NSW State Government, and this one didn’t involve anything around COVID-19.

It was about the first ever research that delved in depth into the mental health of people in NSW workplaces.

Which at the moment, I’m sure you can agree is a huge topic.

Cause after this covid stuff is long gone, the two things that will be left to deal with will be the economic repercussions and the mental health toll that either isolation, or even working from home and home schooling etc will have on people.

And the results weren’t all positive.

“These findings show nearly half of the businesses have no measures in place that specifically address mental health in the workplace,” said Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean.

“That’s quite a staggering statistic when you consider that one third of our adult life is spent at work and that work can therefore have a significant impact on our mental health.”

I guess though the positive is now they are aware of it, and steps can be implemented to improve this situation.

The interesting finding was that for every $1 spent on workplace health promotions, it generates a return of more than $4.

That is measured by decreased absenteeism and staff being more productive.

So it should be a no brainer right?

Does your work do anything for you, and your colleagues?

Obviously in this day and age, the days of team bonding and stuff are on hold for a little while longer, but they can still do things to encourage your overall health.

Especially in an outdoor environment.

With everyone working from home, maybe a once a week or even once a month meet up in person at an outdoors location (to benefit from the exercise and also the social distancing of an outdoors space) might be a good thing.

The best thing with winter nearly coming to an end is the outdoors options are only going to be more inviting, although our winter days here are pretty good considering.

And if you need help in getting any exercise structured with your team I’m happy to help.

Even if it’s a once off or semi regular thing it might be worth it for you and for your team.

All of which of course will be practiced like any normal DPM outdoors session right now – with social distancing and the right protocols followed – such as cleanliness and other guidelines like not sharing equipment etc.

Let me know if you’d like to organise a chat about what we might be able to get working.

Something to stew over on the weekend for you.


PS – if you’re interested in seeing the release yourself, you can do so here

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