Came across an interesting link between a lack of sleep leading to sugar cravings and the likelihood of being more hungry which I thought was worth exploring today.

Now granted, this data was from a small sample size (of only 24 participants), but it makes for interesting reading.

And something that I’d like to see the data on from a wider audience to see whether it is a valid point.

The research was from Nutrients Journal and to quote from the summary:

“In conclusion, the present study observed increased hunger, food cravings, food reward, and portion sizes of food after a night of modest sleep curtailment. These … responses could lead to higher energy intake and, ultimately, weight gain.” 

Do you find it to be true for you?

You get a night of less sleep than normal due to the kids or whatever, and you find yourself reaching for the sugar hit the next day? Or maybe find yourself eating more?

Personally for me, when I don’t get enough sleep I don’t care much for a sugar hit, and I’m not consciously eating more, however I definitely need an extra coffee or two compared to normal to get me through the day.

And ideally a Nanna nap at lunch time if I can swing one!

If this does prove to be a valid research study with a wider audience, 

it does help to be ahead of the curve and realise that the potential for the sugar hit and likelihood to eat more the day after an ordinary sleep is very real.

Then we can put in place the processes to stop that from happening.

Things like having enough of the right snacks around.

Stuff to help you beat a sugar craving.

Having enough food to get you through the day without having to bridge out and fall into temptation.

Cause that’s going to be easier to control than the thing that gave you the lack of sleep the night before. Especially if it was a sick child keeping you awake.

As we both know, that isn’t as easy to control (well that’s impossible to control really) even if you do hit the sack at your normal time, 

whereas compared to when we consciously stay up late, we can easily change that.


PS – have you let me know your movements for the Easter/Anzac Day period? Whether you’re going to be going away or will still be around for training. I’ll make a decision in the next week what we’re going to be doing based on majority numbers.


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