There’s a video that was popular a little while ago on youtube and I thought it was timely to show you again.

First of all, you may have missed it the first time around,

or you may just be a recent convert to DPM.

Either way, the video shares an important message on motivation.

Anyways, you may find it appropriate to a situation you may either be in yourself right now,

or something that you can recall as a familiar feeling from back when you were in that position.

The start of this video shows a turtle who found itself wedged on a piece of wood and couldn’t get off.

Don’t ask me how it got there.

The poor little thing is kicking his or hers legs (or whatever you call what turtles have – legs I guess) and trying to wriggle itself free.

As per usual with a turtle, it doesn’t look like much is happening.

But they had a plan.

They just keep working around, wriggling and flapping or kicking and soon enough, they’d built up enough momentum to tip itself down and amble off safely.

The thing I like about this video (and you can see if for yourself below) is that it would’ve been easy just to sit there and wait for whoever was holding the camera to come over and hopefully rescue it.

But it plugged away.

Bit by bit.

And eventually got there.

It is exactly the same as anytime you’ve found yourself in a situation where you had to start something new.

It all feels like too much at first.

Looking at the big picture it sure as well might be.

Whether that be losing 10kg or starting a new job or even becoming a parent for the first time.

It’s pretty daunting.

But eventually you start noticing small wins.

The workouts start getting easier, you notice yourself enjoying it, you even can feel your pants are getting that little bit looser than they used to be.

Job wise it may be finally feeling like you fit in and parenting wise it might be finally getting your baby to sleep longer than 20 minute cycles!

Eventually there’s a pay off.

Just like the turtle.

And the progress is just as slow, and sometimes you don’t notice much at all.

But believe me, it’s happening, and it’s worth it when you can finally wriggle free.

So stay the course and you’ll enjoy the reward.