One of the best things I’ve seen over the years I’ve been running DPM (it’ll be 13 years later this year believe it or not!),

apart from the awesome results that clients get at our small group sessions in Lilyfield and Observatory Hill, is the innovation they come up with, usually by accident when it comes to some exercises that we do during our workout.

I can think straight off the bat of a couple examples over the years when I’ve intended for us to do one particular exercise,

but somewhere along the line a misunderstanding has resulted in a client doing a different variation to the one originally intended.

But rather then say, no that’s not how you do it, it has actually given me an idea.

I’ve taken a step back, had a look at what they were doing and then said out loud

“You know what, this looks alright!”

Then I try it for myself and sure enough, it is alright!

And presto, we have a new exercise for our rotation.

Cause you know as humans we are set in our ways.

There’s a certain way to do a particular exercise and that’s how you do it.

When the opposite runs true in life.

Not just for workouts.

The more I’ve realised this with experience, the better result the client gets.

So just cause something was meant to be done a particular way, doesn’t mean there’s not a better way as I know that some people feel certain exercuses differently and need different variations to make it effective.

Then when you add in a different perspective from someone who isn’t set in their ways, you get a winner!

One of these examples happened last week when a DPMer (I won’t dob her in cause it’s actually a tough exercise she came up with!) thought our Prisoner Jump Backs were meant to be done when holding a squat position.

I saw her do it and it got me thinking that’s a damn good exercise.

Sure enough it’s hard.

And it works!

Double win.

Add another one for the ammunition.

The key take home point here I think is not to shut yourself off from new things that can be done to make things better, or more effective compared to the old way of doing them.

If an old dog like me can learn a few new tricks anyone can!


PS – keeping with that new way of doing things message, that book of mine I mentioned yesterday covers exactly this, and if you want to hear more about it, be sure to hit reply and let me know if you want inside mail and more details before I announce it in detail soon.

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