No, I’m not going to go all Taylor Swift on you.

If you didn’t get that song reference ask a teenage girl.

Or me…

Yeah I guess I don’t mind a little bit of Tay-Tay every now and then.

But keep that between you and me…

But close your eyes for a minute.

Imagine anything is possible – even in your wildest dreams.

What would you wish for?

* So other people say nice & encouraging things about you now?

* So others notice you losing weight and ask how you’ve been able to manage it with everything you have going on?

* So people will give you attention and praise (your friends/your partner?)

* So your partner and or others will think they are sexy and you secretly want to be known as the ‘hot mum’ amongst your kids friends parents?

* So you can have the confidence go out and feel comfortable in whatever you wear and not have to stare at the wardrobe for 10 minutes working out what you can get away with wearing today?

* So you have your energy for life back again?

* So you don’t die young like maybe one of your parents did? (I know this is true for me)

* So that you’re around for your kids for many years to come?

* So you can make that ‘bitch’ who made fun of you or embarrassed you jealous?

* To be able to post your transformation pics on Facebook and Instagram to make your friends jealous, just like they’ve done to you before?

* To have other men to check you out to make you feel good (to be the head turner again?)

* To make hubby look at you like he used to?

* Or something simple like just being able to lose weight without giving up all the comfort food that tastes soo good

* Or something even like wishing your kids will be fit, healthy and not overweight and wanting to set a good example for them?

Have a think for a minute.

What’s your wildest dream?

Obviously those only scrape the top of the barrel too.

Yours may be different.

Whatever it is, how would you feel if that was your new reality?

Well, let’s get started and make that wildest dream into your soon to be reality.

Answer these couple of questions by clicking the link below and I’ll drop you a line to arrange a time for a quick chat to see what we can come up with



PS – hope this got you thinking…


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