Today I thought I’d follow with a little bit more about that whole working longer thing.

So if you find yourself in that bracket, todays message, which I promise to keep short for a change will hopefully be of value.

The reason for keeping it short, is so the intended message can’t be lost.

And that message:

If you are working harder, and longer, it is even more important to look after yourself.

Read that again if you must.

Cause you are no use to anyone if you aren’t keeping on top of things – mentally and also physically.

If you keep up your routine – even when you are under the pump you are going to be better equipped to deal with whatever gets thrown at you.

Plus you’ll get the much needed stress release from a workout – be that boxing or just a normal workout.

So don’t neglect the workouts when things get busy.

Keep making it a priority to keep looking after you – and it’ll leave you better equipped to look after your family too.



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