Kinda easy to take me up on it.

And you don’t have to even invite me along.

No, I’m not going to ask you out on a date in a roundabout way.

Besides, I don’t think your man would agree.

Or my wife.

But anyways, I still want to shout you dinner.

And you can take whoever you like.

What’s the catch?

Simple really.

You just have to encourage a friend to join me at Team DPM.

Whether it be for our small group sessions at Lilyfield, Obsevratory Hill or Dawes Point,

or even 1-on-1 personal training fatblast sessions.

Once they’ve been a part of DPM for only 6 short months,

I’ll hook you up with your dinner voucher.

To any restaurant of your choice.

And I’ll put $200 towards your tab.

Your friend who joins gets one too.

Just my way of saying thanks for spreading the DPM word.

Cause it’s a lot more effective way for me to spend on marketing then wasting money on useless advertising that delivers nothing.

I’d rather give you something instead.

Know someone who might be interested?

Please send them here


Make sure they mention your name.

Or reply back to this email and pass on their details and I’ll drop them a line.

thanks for spreading the word,



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