Ever uttered those words?

When you don’t feel like it: you quit

When results don’t come SUPER quick: you quit

When someone makes a ‘snarky’ comment: you quit

You get confused: you quit

You feel overwhelmed: you quit

You see a shiny object: you quit

When you’re tired: you quit

When you’re busy: you quit

We all do it.

I remember the first time I quit.

I was 18 years old and just signed up to the uni gym.

Even got the hot chick working there to write me a program.

(Just cause I was too shy to go and talk to her any other way mind you!)

But one day I was in the middle of a workout and thought 

‘why am I even doing this?’

Then I walked out.

Ever felt like that?

I get it.

I really do.

To be honest I’ve quit a few things.

Running and swimming are 2 other things that I have never gone back for.

Would rather watch paint dry.

But working out I did.

Cause I realised that if I didn’t work out I’d get fat.

Not cause I necessarily  love it.

But cause I have to.

Unfortunately I don’t have those dream genes where I can eat anything and it doesn’t bother me.

It goes straight to my belly.

And my big butt.

You might be the same?

Unless you can get away with whatever you want?

Me neither.

If you’re sick of quitting, and are looking for something where you are understood,

Where it’s OKAY not to love exercise.

I’d also recommend one thing..

Listen to YOURSELF

All that advice you give other people.. mentally, verbally whatever when they tell you the same thing


Because the advice you give to other people, is the advice YOU need to listen to the most.

And if you need help with finding the right fit?

Let me know.

Come and see what we can do for you at Team DPM.



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