How good would it be if there was a time machine that would let you go back and tell your younger self something important.

If there was one thing I could’ve done differently when I was younger (well, there would be a few things, but this would be the main one), it would be to have listened to my body more.

Or just take better care of it in general to be honest.

The age I’d pick would be my 18 year old self. I took a year off playing footy to focus on working weekends outside of uni, and of course doing what every other 18 year old did at the time and go out and get drunk on $1 drinks a couple of times a week.

I’d say don’t go back and play. Cause when I went back at 19 that’s where things went downhill.

I didn’t take it seriously enough to train properly and I got hurt. A lot.

Then you don’t rehab it properly cause you want to get back out and play again sooner.

End result my body hurts now.

You may be the same from something you did back when you were younger.

It is what it is.

But the one thing I can change, and one I have to do all the time now is modify what I do when it comes to my workouts.

My elbows aren’t great now as a result of holding focus pads and the like for years too after 20 years in the industry so I know that when it comes to exercises that I really like to do – like chin ups, push ups etc, I have to be smart what I do and when.

The body needs a bit of recovery before I can go back and do them again.

Which means the plan b exercises need to be implemented more times than not nowadays.

This brings me to the parallels which you may now be experiencing with your body.

Maybe it doesn’t let you do stuff you could easily do just a few years ago?

I get it.

But we both need to be smart with how we approach our training now, and as we get older.

Sure, do the things you like doing and that work well for you.

Just remember to give it a bit of a breather before you do it again if you find you can’t do it for as long as you used to.

All you have to do is let me know what’s going on with the way your body is now responding to whichever exercise is your trigger.

We swap it out for something different, then when the body is ready (the more in tune with your body you get, the easier it will be to work that out), then we hit it again.

Make sense?

So let me know if this applies to you, and what it applies to.

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