Heard that exact same line at one of our DPM sessions on Wednesday.

“I guess it’s a good problem, but none of my clothes fit now!”

As said client tugged at her pants to keep them from falling down.

Could be worse issues to have than having to go and shop for smaller clothes right?

Sure beats the alternative of admitting defeat and having to upsize cause nothing in your wardrobe fits you anymore.

That is just one of the many side effects that following our system – in person – or via the follow along at home workouts – can provide you.

And there’s this from another raving fan of the DPM system:

“It’s good to see the change in my clothes.

Clothes fit better, they’re looser.

I need to go buy more clothes now which is very exciting to do!”

Maybe you’ve got that favourite little black dress that you used to rock and it just won’t fit anymore?

Or maybe it’s those old go-to skinny jeans that made your butt look hot?

Whatever it was, there’s time.

You can get back into them.

Or, give yourself permission to go shopping cause nothing fits anymore!

And the best part of it is you don’t have to measure every single gram of every single meal you prepare.

You don’t have to exercise for hours and hours each week.

As I mentioned the other day it really takes as little as an hour a week.

That’s it.

So, if having to go out and buy a new wardrobe (of smaller clothes this time!)

sounds like something you’d like to experience for yourself,

but can’t exactly make our sessions in person,

there’s the DPM Online Training Option that just might work.

I’ll give you the customised game plan to help you get rid of those stubborn kgs and the video demos to help you.

of course I’ll also send out the hard copy versions of the DPM Detox and Cookbook too.

Want to find out more?

Check it out here:


Then let me know if you want to have a quick 10 min coaching call to see if you’d be the right fit.



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