Honestly I do get it. 

I get that you’re possibly not believing that you’re capable of sticking with anything these days,

especially if you’ve tried pretty much every workout or diet fad there’s ever been.

And there’s been a few…

I get that you may even be worried about what I’m going to ask you to do it over the course of the few weeks if you did in fact step up and join us at Team DPM.

I get there’s plenty of doubt.

I mean, you’ve been lied to before.

You’ve been taken for a ride before.

I get it.

Cause I have too.

Invested in things that in hindsight I wished I had’ve passed on.

Either cause it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be,

or just because the timing wasn’t right.

And that alone may be one of the reasons why you haven’t joined us yet. 

To be honest with you,

maybe you’re not cut out for this. 


That’s pretty blunt.

Maybe you’re not cut out to stick to following a plan again alone. 

And that is exactly the biggest reason why you MUST join us for a 2 week test drive at DPM.

Cause, while you may not be able to stick to this by yourself,

There’s absolutely no reason why you can possibly fail when you’re on board with us. 

Especially when you have not only my specialist support, if I do say so myself,

But the support of those who are already in DPM too. 

See we work as a team. 

We’re not a bunch of ‘elitists’ who look down on the ‘new girl’.

Cause we have all been that new person once.

All you need is a bit of encouragement and support to prove that you can follow our game plan.

Besides, the food plan is even more user friendly than ever these days.

I realised it might have been a bit too hard to stick to in the past.

And have modified a few things – without compromising results.

Keen to find out more?

Keen to surround yourself with the right support network to ensure that this time IS the time you will follow through and do what you said you want to do?

Let me shout you 2 weeks to prove DPM is everything I say it is (and more)

We’re at Lilyfield, Observatory Hill in the mornings & Dawes Point at lunch time.

Any questions on time etc or to activate your 2 weeks test drive on the house,

just hit reply and let me know.

But I want you to know that you CAN do this if you have the right support in place.

As well as the right plan.

Let me show you where to start.

Hit reply now and tell me you’re interested in finding out more.



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