There’s a cool side thing that I enjoy as part of running DPM and this time it doesn’t involve the actual face to face thing with training people.

Side note, I realised that during the stage 3 lockdown when we had to go to zoom for all our sessions, that I prefer the face to face interaction with people then running things online without the banter that we usually have.

But this thing is cool too.

It’s a good feeling to hit people up and ask them where they want to go for their $200 free dinner gift voucher.

I did just that on Friday for 2 DPMers, one of which had just clocked up his first 6 months at DPM and the other for the DPMer who encouraged him to join.

Sure, going out to a restaurant may not be high on your list right now, but the beauty of a gift voucher is two fold.

One, the business gets the cash now which gives them a shot in the arm that they might need considering the current climate.

Two, the gift voucher can be used in another month or three if you’d prefer when things are hopefully a bit more stable if you’d prefer.

And of course the biggest benefit is you get a free feed, or at least $200 contributed to your bill.

How can you argue with that?

I get to help some DPMers with their training and then get to shout em a free feed as a reward.

Now it’s your turn.

When you introduce a friend to DPM I’ll shout them their first 2 weeks on the house to any of our small group sessions.

And you get your next month on the house, or if you’re not currently training with DPM for whatever reason yet still introduce someone I’ll send you a $100 Visa Gift Card for you to buy yourself something nice.

Then the big one.

After your friend has been training for 6 months, you’ll both get to choose where you’d each like to go to dinner.

No you don’t have to take them.

Take your partner and book a baby sitter.

Got someone in mind who you think would be a great fit for DPM?

Now it’s the first day of Spring, it’s the perfect time to get started.

Send them this link and make sure they drop your name.

Thanks for spreading the word and I look forward to being able to shout you a dinner in 6 months time.


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