Just part of what one of the many mums who’ve already graduated from the DPM Busy Mums Transformation had to say.

And you know what?

I can bang on all day about how good this program is.

But it really doesn’t stack up to anything that the mums who’ve actually done it say.

I’ll share that with you soon.

So maybe you’re starting to wonder whether this little program is for you?

Especially if you’re struggling to lose the last 5-10kg and can’t seem to find a way to fit exercise and eating right into your already busy day.

You see it all doesn’t have to be hours and hours in a sweaty gym full of show ponies that are either too busy looking at themselves in the mirror or checking you out.

In fact I’d have you consider that you don’t need more than an hour a week.

That’s it.

Perfect if you’re the time pressed busy mum that I know you are.

And better still you don’t even have to leave your home.

You can do it in your pjs with your kids if you want.

And some have!

But don’t just take my word on how good it is,

hear what some of the happy mums who’ve already completed the first round had to say about the DPM Busy Mums Transformation System themselves:

“The exercise regime, which I needed, is super quick, so easy to do. I love it, it’s great!”

“My clothes are loose on me, my muffin top isn’t as big”

“It’s definitely changed a lot of things for me in the last month. I’ve lost 9kg. My bloating’s much, much better. My skin’s much better”

“The whole process has been excellent. I’ve come out like a new woman… But it’s my mindset and how I feel now. I feel really good about myself. I feel better, my skin’s better, my hair’s better. My clothes are fitting. I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore”

“The food was easy to prepare and I didn’t have to think what I had to eat next. It was actually quite easy to follow. And the biggest thing I got out of the program was that I just wasn’t anywhere near as bloated as I used to be”

Still think I might have made all that up myself?

This short video shows a bunch of mums sharing exactly what they got out of it

Want some of that for yourself?

The next intake starts this coming Monday, September 5.

To find out more info and join the next round of the DPM Busy Mums Transformation for only $97 click the link below


Time to get on board?

If you’ve got any questions let me know but get on quick – there’s only 20 spots in total and today it gets advertised on a mums group website that resulted in 134 (yes seriously) people applying the last time I ran it.




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