This one goes down in the I call BS files.

And once you find out what I’m on about, I’m sure you’ll be joining me.

I came across an article on Friday that claims that research out of The University of South Florida proves you can fix your junk food cravings by smelling your favourite junk food for 2 minutes.

Like I said, I call BS and could easily prove this wrong.

Put a pizza straight out of the woodfire oven and put it in front of me and there’s no way I could not tuck into it after the 2 minutes.

What about you?

They found that if the exposure to that smell is less than 30 seconds you want it.

But over 2 minutes meant you are more likely to pick a healthy alternative.

I think the Florida heat must’ve got to them.

Don’t know about you. but I can easily pass up something if I get a small whiff, like when you walk past a donut shop or something like that.

But if I’m exposed to it longer, I’m more likely to crave it.

Interesting findings none-the-less, but this one gets a sceptical no from me.


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