Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry was challenged to a race by his high school nemesis?

If you can’t remember it, Jerry beat the fastest runner in school in a race,

and was accused of jumping the gun.

“I choose not to run”

Was his response every time he was asked for a re-match.

Years later they agreed to the rematch.

And as fate would have it Jerry won again.

Well, to be honest, in true Seinfeld form, he jumped the start again when Kramers car backfired.

Remember now?

Seriously if that show is not on the Mount Rushmore of TV series I don’t know what is.

Even now it doesn’t get old.

But the point of this?

Well it’s actually good news for you.

Here at DPM I’m just like Jerry.

Just not as funny.

But, I also choose not to run.

And you don’t either.

You see, there are plenty of more effective ways

for you to drop that unwanted tummy flab than going for a long run.

And a hell of a lot shorter ways to do it too.

Sure, every now and then we do some short sprints.

They’re cool.

Even I do them sometimes too.

But as for the long stuff?

No thanks.

“I choose not to run”

So if you’ve got bad knees (like me) or whatever you’re all good.

Come join us at our small group sessions and I’ll give you a great workout

where you don’t have to go for a jog around the block to warm up

like most other PT’s that are stuck in the 90’s warm up methods.

We’ll do stuff that’s actually appropriate to what you’re about to do!

The first weeks on me if you want to check it out.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the mornings.

More info here


Any questions hit reply and let me know.



PS – if you still like to run to clear your head or whatever that’s cool. Go for it.

It’s just not for my body.

But if you’re still doing it trying to lose weight – there’s a better way.

Let me show you!



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