Someones playing the blame game again…

Happened to come across an article in the New York Times.

The study found that Americans believe that obesity is tied with cancer as the biggest health threat in the US today.

Fair call.

The interesting part was three quarters of the people involved said obese people should be able to summon the willpower to lose weight on their own.

What do you think?

For mine it’s a simplified answer to a difficult question.

It mentioned that despite Americans believing that, evidence pointed to obesity being genetic.

I don’t believe this.

For mine it’s lifestyle related.

A massive part of this, and usually without fault to the person effected,

is because of medication they have to take.

If you yourself, or you know of anyone who has had to take certain types of medication, 

the first thing it does, apart from doing what it has to do to treat what the medication was for, is cause that person to put on weight.

Sound familiar?

To me blaming genetics is wrong.

How many obese babies do you see born?

Sure, you may have kids that are born 10 pounds or more, but no matter the size of their parents, they’re well within a standard weight range wouldn’t you agree?

And sure, babies can fatten up for want of a better word.

BUT as soon as they start crawling and moving around they slim down.

Then when they become a toddler and start running around everywhere the baby tummy normally goes.

They get taller. They move more. Tummy goes to a normal childs shape.

Burning off all those stored reserves.

UNLESS the parents are pumping a baby full of crap they shouldn’t be having like soft drinks and fast foods on a daily basis the baby doesn’t become a toddler who would classify as obese.

So lifestyle related is the biggest cause, apart from medication, are the biggest reasons for mine.

Cause if a parent eats fast food on a regular basis – and by regular I mean like every day not just on weekends or whatever, the kid will eat it too by default.

Meaning they both get bigger.

Still with me?

Let me know what your thoughts are anyways, I’m interested to hear.

Controversial topic right?

There was something else that stood out for me from this study. 

It’s a comment from one of the Doctors involved:

“If you think a disease is a potential killer, as serious as cancer, why would you take on its treatment and cure by yourself?” he asked. “The reaction of people to something that is a potential killer is mind-blowing.”

Very interesting point right?

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