Bout this time of day you’re probably starting to think about lunch.

The belly starts grumbling a little bit and the brain gets the message that you’ve got to eat something soon.

Before you go all hangry and murder that annoying little bitch in the office that keeps bugging you.

Did I read your mind?

Well no matter how hungry you are right now,

I can guarantee that it’s got nothing on what this bloke would’ve been feeling.

You see, I came across a story this morning how a bloke went 382 days without eating back in the 60’s.


Well one day he got sick of being 207kg and decided to do something about it.

Not the way that I’d recommend but none-the-less,

to cut a long story short – it worked.

Lost 125kg and fasted the whole time.

The only thing the medical professionals gave him so he wouldn’t die was vitamin infusions and yeast.

Imagine that?

No thanks.

The good news for you is you don’t need to go to those extremes to lose those 5-10kg that are bugging you.

You can actually eat foods that taste pretty damn good.

And I’ll even show you how to make them in 20 minutes or less.

When you get a copy of my new cookbook when you join Team DPM.

Yep, you’ll get a printed copy, along with the 3 Day Detox Diet that tells you what to eat and when.

Just click the link below to answer a few questions

and I’ll be in touch if you fit the bill of who we’re looking for.


And get you hooked up with your own copies.

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