Call this a hump day home workout if you will, but I thought it was a good time to drop another short n sweet home workout to help go with your normal routine or help get you through the week if you’re under the pump and haven’t keep up your normal schedule over the last week or two.

All you need for this one is a timer app on your phone.

Today we’re working with 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for each exercise and we’ll do it as a circuit.

So let’s get into it.

1. Tabletop Hold

2. Side to Side Hover

3. Scissor Squats

4. Up & Overs

5. Renegade Row Left Side – can just use bodyweight or a dumbbell/kettlebell

6. Renegade Row Right Side

Repeat x 3 sets through

So there you’ve covered pretty much every muscle in the body a couple of times over.

And in approx 20 mins you’ll have a great little workout that will get the job done and get your heart up.

Of course if you’re time pressed do 1 or 2 sets – it’s better than nothing as I always say.

And if you’ve got more time – go 4 or 5 – that’ll really hit the spot.

Let me know if you give this a go.



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