What’s your workplace like when it comes to looking after your wellbeing?

Does it have a wellness based approach or more an old style churn and burn approach?

Obviously, for your sake I hope it’s the former.

Cause I’ve been a part of a place where you’re just a number and it’s not fun.

On the flip side, I’ve been part of a real good place too and know how good that is.

I was reminded of that experience on the weekend when I saw a Facebook post from the old summer camp I used to work at in the States and they were congratulating the owner on an award he received.

Now for context to this story, I worked there in 1999, 2000 and 2002 – so almost 20 years since I was last there.

My comment congratulated Rob, the owner, and mentioned how he was the best boss I’d ever had. He replied back with a comment that only him and me would understand. Something he remembered from 18 years ago.

That sums up the man from my point of view. The amount of staff he would’ve had come under his wing in those 18 years – they have around 40-50 staff each summer from memory and times that by that amount of time was pretty cool.

But enough of my trip down memory lane. I just used Rob as an example of how to run a good work place.

And the benefits of a good wellbeing program should be obvious:

– Increased productivity
– Lower absenteeism 
– Reduced stress levels
– Talent attraction – and actually keeping the good staff
– Greater job satisfaction

And the list goes on.

So if your work place is lacking in this, here’s some easy to implement ideas you can bring in;

– Organise a group walk at lunch times: It gets you outside for those benefits, and lets you get to know each other better. You can even ban work talk and focus on getting to know people. 

Or you could even run your meeting like this – with apps like notes and recording etc these days you can even keep track of important action points without needing a pen and paper.

– Have team challenges like the 10,000 step challenge for a month or meeting a set number of exercise each week and the winning team gets some type of reward.

Of course a great way to increase this workplace wellness is through a company based fitness program.

I’m happy to sit down with the right people at your place and customise a lunch time based program that can work to the benefit of your staff.

Just let me know if you’d be interested or please pass this message onto the right people who may be able to get something running for everyone’s benefit – the bottom line of the company, and of course their staff too.




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