Being a Friday and all, and especially considering that most of us have been doing this working from home thing for at least a month now, 

I figure it’s a good time to ask you this question – how’s your back?

Chances are with a ‘home office’ set up that’s probably not ergonomically efficient, you may well be struggling with a bit of lower back pain lately.

Maybe add in some neck pain too.

Either way, things probably aren’t good.

Especially when you can’t get your normal massage treatment (although I believe they’ve eased back in to allowing 30 minute massages now).

And all of this brings me to an article I read yesterday about lower back pain.

And how some exercises actually make it worse.

No shock there.

But the take home point is that the things we should be doing the most of in our home workouts all revolved around the plank position.

So basically what we do at DPM.

All our Hover variations.

And your Side Plank Variations.

There’s heaps that we have in the toolbox.

That way we never get sick of doing the same thing.

The Deadlift got a good wrap too.

And while we can’t do it with tubes etc via our zoom workouts (unless you have your own equipment of course) you can still do things like Waiters Bows and Woodpeckers too.

So make sure you’re doing those exercises if you can’t join in our sessions.

But the other thing I’ll add in, is you must be doing some type of foam rolling or trigger point release action with a ball of some type.

This stuff will definitely help you get through right now until things get back to normal.

One more thing I’ll add as a must do – getting outside and walking.

Changing your body from that constantly seated position.

If you’ve got anything else you do to keep on top of low back pain – let me know your thoughts.


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