Yeah I’ll put my hand up.

I know I’m not the only one though.

Chances are you may have a coke thing too?

Nah, I’m not talking about the white powder that you’ll find in the bathrooms of the ivy,

or that a famous footy commentator had a bit of a nose for.

This is just as addictive though.

And destructive.

I’m talking about ‘the real thing’ – good ole coca cola.

Last week I came across a story about an ‘addict’ who gave up her 4 litres (yes 4 litres!) a day habit.

And managed to lose 60kg!

And she looks pretty amazing too.

Don’t believe me – check out this article here

But like you no doubt, those buggers got me years ago.

Thought it was pretty cool by itself when I was a kid.

Then I found out many years ago it tastes even better with rum – game over!

So let’s say it’s added a bit of fat to the waist line over the years.

Lucky that it’s not an everyday habit.

I know for some people it is though – even if you’re not drinking 4litres.

But I do know that when my intake goes up so does my waist.

You don’t exactly have to be a rocket scientist to work that out though.

Contrary to the industry stereotype of bloody personal trainers

– I actually don’t live on protein shakes and tuna and spinach.

And neither should you.

I’ve got more than a few weaknesses.

Food and drink to start.

And supporting a crap footy team.

Yep, I’m human and struggle at times just like you.

Sure, it can be tough in the first few days of giving up something you’re used to having.

The headaches.

The cravings.

But you ride it out.

Cause it gets better.

As it did for the lady in the article.

It got pretty damn good for her.

If you’re not happy with where things are sitting now something’s gotta change.

Take the step.

And if you’re looking for someone to help,

I’ve got some personal training positions available that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

* Tuesday 11:30am

* Wednesday and Friday 11:30am

All sessions are 30 mins duration and you’ll get more done than most people get done in an hour.

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