Here’s something I should have mentioned last week.

But to be honest, it totally didn’t even register.

I only realised it when I saw it somewhere else and today it’s time to put my spin on it.

Last Monday, October 1st was a pretty significant date.

No, not cause it was the day the mighty Sydney Kings gave the LA Clippers a red hot go in a pre-season game against the much fancier opposition on a public holiday,

it was significant cause it marked the start of the last quarter for the year.

No big deal?

Not for some.

But think about this:

* If you told yourself you’d lose 12 kg this year (to make maths easy!) – are you 9kg down already?

* If you told yourself you’d do a certain number of workouts, are you 75% crossed off?

So how you tracking?

Personally, I wrote a bunch of things down in a Pages document at the start of the year – and added to it as things have come to my mind – partly on the back of something I’ve heard from that podcast I mentioned to you on Friday.

And when I’ve actually gone and implemented that thing, or made a target, I’ve put a highlight through it.

At the end of the year, I’ll see how i’ve gone, and if the things that I didn’t cross off still resonate with me, they’ll move onto next years list.

Hopefully you’re doing good and getting things crossed off.

And if you’re struggling and need some help let me know.

That’s what I’m here for.

On that note, I had an interesting question from a DPMer last week.

She asked if I had planned any more Transformation Contest program blocks to finish the year off.

I honestly hadn’t given it a thought, with all my focus being on getting this book up and running.

But now the hard work on that is done, I’m open to the idea.

This is where YOU come in.

Obviously there’s no point in getting this up and running if there isn’t going to be any takers.

Cause it is time intensive from my point of view.

But if this is something that would get you interested,

and help motivate you to finish the year off on the right foot and break any post winter rut that you may have fallen into, hit reply and let me know.

And in your reply, let me know what your preference for duration is.

We normally run 4 weeks.

Why? Cause it’s a small enough time frame to convince someone to commit to yet still see some pretty cool results.

But the suggestion was we should make one longer.

If you’re interested then, tell me your preference:

* 4 weeks

* 6 weeks

* 8 weeks

12 weeks is too long as that takes us past Christmas.

Over to you.

If it gets interest, I’ll start putting it together.

Without any extra thought, it’d be similar to the others we’ve run – a private facebook group for accountability and support as well as the coaching and program support from me – as well as missions to cross off each week and an entry fee so you are invested in getting a return on your investment.

Who knows I may even throw a prize in or two as an extra incentive.